Package MESH

Multilayer Electromagnetic Solver for Heat transfer.

A program for computing electromagnetic far-field and near-field heat transfer for periodic, layered structures, developed by Kaifeng Chen (kfrancischen@gmail.com) of the Fan group in the Stanford Electrical Engineering Department.

The program is built upon C++ and wrapped with Lua (>= 5.2) and Python (both 2 and 3), with OpenMP and MPI support. It is enabled with heat flux calculation in both far and near field for planar, grating and pattern geometries. The source code can be downloaded at Github. This document will cover the basic ideas behind MESH, complete descriptions of the Lua API and C++ API, and a few concrete examples created either to illustrate the simple usage or to reproduce some of results from existing literatures. The documents are organized as follows:


  • Equations & Features: detailed equations computed and features offered by the package.
  • Installation: the installation steps on different platforms and clusters.


Python API



Other information

  • Developer: information for developers on how to contribute to MESH.
  • About: information about the author, license, copyrights and contact addresses.